We aim to provide a service that helps you market and sell your environmental products that help disinfect and sanitize the world. From gardens to pools, we want to help you market your product or services to those in need of them.

If you are a distributor, manufacturer, or consultant of a specific type of active ingredient then you can market yourself as such. We want to bring a level of simplicity to the fast pace market that does business with the Environmental Protection Agency.

About Us

Rose Intelligence, LLC was founded by Dominic Baah in 2019 when he was an independent contractor and noticed an extremely massive gap when it comes to connecting manufacturers, distributors, clients, and consultants coming together on a single platform. After this was expressed we aimed to use only experts in the environmental protection agency industry so there is a level of consistency when registering products and/or selling products. Just like you, we want to do business with ethics and transparency while having the ability to make money for our families.

You will be able to connect with manufacturers from all over the world and skip the tedious process of finding reliable companies to make your product in bulk. You will have the ability to make sales by connecting with distributors that have connections with small businesses or big box companies that sell your type of product. Consultants can also gain from this platform because their services can be displayed. From new federal registrations to state renewal registrations we want to help you through that process. It can be hard but with Rose Intelligence, LLC it will be easy.

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