Sell Distribution

Rose Intelligence wants you to have the ability of sell your EPA registered products and formulations to other companies or end users in need of what you have. Rose Intelligence wants to help you market your product so you can generate more possible sales and get you acquainted with new partners who want to help you sell your product/formulation. This can work depending on the product and thevalue proposition that you are offering to the world. We are here for the collaboration of organizations to meet freelance distributors from different backgrounds and specialties, as well as introduce you to the right end users who want your products in bulk. Your company and Rose Intelligence were put on this earth to grow exponentially! That being said we should help each other see our dreams flourish upon our wildest imagination. Take a look at the following types of products and formulations that we have at our disposal. This updates every 2 weeks with new products and new distributors. Have fun and happy selling.